Minnesota, Louisiana at Different Ends of Health Spectrum Following Survey

November 10, 2004

Despite having to deal with some of the nation’s worst wintertime weather, Minnesota emerged as the nation’s healthiest state, while far to the south, Louisiana is the least healthy, a ranking it has been unable to shake for 14 of the last 15 years, according to a national survey.

Sponsored by the United Health Foundation, the report looks such factors as health insurance coverage, heart disease rates, total and infant mortality rates, the rate of motor vehicle deaths, high school graduation rates, childhood poverty, and public health spending.

Since the rankings began in 1990, Minnesota has finished first nine out of 15 times, and never fallen lower than second. In 2003, it tied for first with New Hampshire.

This year, New Hampshire finished second and Vermont third. Finishing at the bottom were Tennessee, Mississippi and in last place, Louisiana.

The United Health Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by UnitedHealth Group, a Minneapolis-based insurer.

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