DriveSavers Offering Discounts for Hurricane Victims

September 24, 2004

DriveSavers Inc. a provider in data recovery services, is offering discounted data recovery service to hurricane and storm victims with computers that suffered damage from severe weather conditions in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia.

“We know the enormous consequences of natural disasters and want to show support for hurricane survivors by offering a 20 percent discount on our service,” Scott Gaidano, president of DriveSavers, said.

In the past two weeks, DriveSavers has reportedly received hundreds of calls regarding storm damage to computers and hard drives. The company offers these tips to computer users to protect their valuable data from possible damage during the storm season. Back up more often:

Back up all your data and store the backups at an off-site location, as insurance against possible flooding and storm damage.

Lightning & surge protection
During lightning storms and power fluctuations, turn all computer equipment off. If you do not own a surge-suppressor or uninterruptible power supply, unplug power cords, modem, and network cables. Most damage is done when power returns and power spikes occur causing damage to computer equipment.

Water damage
At the first sign of flooding, unplug computer equipment and move it to a secure and dry area. If the computer gets wet, remove the hard drive and place it in a zip-lock plastic bag. Do not allow the drive to “air dry” because this may cause water deposit damage. The less handling a drive receives, the better, so don’t attempt to clean or dry out a soaked drive.

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