Visitors to U.S. Offered Health Coverage

August 10, 2004

Florida-based XN Financial Services announced that it will offer health insurance products and services to foreign nationals traveling in the U.S. through RCM&D, an Assurex Partner located in Baltimore, Maryland.

The “Visitors From Abroad” program is “designed to benefit individuals under age 65 traveling to the U.S. and their families coming into the U.S. from another country and staying in the U.S. from one to twelve months,” said the announcement.

“This product is ideal for the person who is concerned that home country medical plans will not properly pay the cost of an unexpected illness or injury incurred in the U.S.,” indicated RCM&D’s Special Risk Account Manager, Ginny Rison. “Many newcomers to the U.S. make the mistake that they have adequate coverage while traveling in the U.S. only to later learn that they have little or none. XN and RCM&D have delivered protection and piece of mind to new arrivals stateside.”

The bulletin described the coverage as providing “for unexpected illness and injury incurred after arrival in the U.S. up to $25,000 or $75,000 per condition, depending on the plan option chosen. Normal charges like hospitalization, surgery, doctor visits and prescription drugs are covered at 80 percent up to an out-of-pocket maximum of $10,000, and then paid at rate of one hundred percent up to the medical maximum amount. Repatriation of remains and medical evacuation is also provided.”

XN President and CEO Dan Anber noted: “The cost of health care in the major cities in the United States is the most expensive in the world. A single visit to the emergency room can surpass $20,000. Foreign Visitors from abroad may expect protection from their government nationalized medical system or home country medical plan to protect them. Without proper protection, they will have to pay thousands of dollars in the U.S. for unexpected illness or injury. We are thrilled to offer a solution through our partners at RCM&D.”

For Program Inquiries, Contact: Ms. Ginny Rison, Special Risk Account Manager at RCM&D (an Assurex Partner) 410-339-7263 USA

Editor’s Note: Government health plans in Europe and other countries will reimburse their nationals’ medical expenses only up to the amount a similar procedure would have cost them at home. As the announcement points out, U.S. medical expenses can total many times that amount.

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