New Partnership Links National Safety Groups

July 21, 2004

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.(UL) and the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) have formally joined forces to promote public awareness about residential and commercial property safety issues.

The two groups today signed an agreement to leverage their resources and expertise to encourage property loss prevention solutions to everyday risks through joint education, awareness and outreach activities.

One of the first projects the groups expect to undertake relates to reducing hail damage to homes and businesses, which costs more than a billion dollars each year. The campaign would incorporate UL tests which rate the impact resistance of roofing materials, and IBHS engineering and field experience using construction methods and materials that better protect structures from the natural threats they face.

“This agreement sets the stage for important new work in the field of property loss prevention,” said Dale Hammond, chairman of the IBHS board of directors and president and COO of Kemper Auto and Home, a Unitrin Company. “Both IBHS and UL are focused on promoting safety and on reducing what is often unnecessary and expensive property damage. Where our existing efforts align – or where we see emerging needs to address – we will pool our resources accordingly.”

“UL is excited to team up with IBHS,” stated Don Mader, executive vice president of Public Safety and External Affairs for UL. “Through this partnership, UL can further expand on its mission to deliver safety solutions into all aspects of public health, the environment and social systems through dedicated outreach, knowledge, expertise, capabilities and resources in a socially responsible manner.”

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