IVANS Wireless Option Speeds Claims

April 14, 2004

IVANS, Inc., a provider of networking services for the insurance and healthcare industries, has launched a new wireless fidelity solution (Wi-Fi) for insurance carriers that speeds their ability to remotely process claims and improve customer service. The new Wi-Fi service is offered through IVANS business partner, AT&T (NYSE: T).

As the demand for Wi-Fi technology increases, so does the need for low-cost flexible solutions. According to data provided by The Yankee Group, a communications and networking research and consulting firm based in Boston, 14 percent of U.S. companies plan to implement the technology within the next year, and another 14 percent plan to follow suit in the next two years.

A recent IVANS study of large and mid-sized insurance carriers indicates that only 27.9 percent are currently using Wi-Fi technology to allow remote access to their systems by employees, highlighting the growth potential for Wi-Fi technology.

“Wi-Fi is the next logical progression in remote access, as it gives insurance executives the ability to process transactions, such as policyholder claims, without returning to an office to connect via a land line,” said Maggie O’Hara, divisional vice president, IVANS, Inc. “By adding Wi-Fi to our suite of remote access offerings, end-users have a flexible remote access solution that gives them ability to connect to their VPN via dial-up, broadband, or Wi-Fi depending on their location.”

IVANS enables users to transition to Wi-Fi technology using the AT&T Global Network Client which enables a user to connect remotely with corporate applications through the method of their choice: dial-up, broadband, or Wi-Fi.

Additionally, for laptops that are not “Wi-Fi ready,” IVANS can provide wireless cards that can receive a Wi-Fi connection.

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