Top Cleaning and Mitigation Companies Nationwide Form IMACC

April 8, 2004

Following an historic meeting in Chicago, where the most influential and successful members of the cleaning and mitigation industry
had gathered, 38 leading independently owned and operated services elected to form a new network of the best-of-the-best companies. The Independent Mitigation and Cleaning/Conservation network (IMACC) will be headquartered in Chicago, and be led by Pat Harmon, former AVP of Educational and Technical Services at the PLRB.

“This is a significant event for both mitigation and insurance companies,” said Harmon. “IMACC will provide superior independent cleaning and mitigation companies an unparalleled marketing presence that will exceed that of any company in the country. Insurers will gain a revolutionary method to reduce indemnity and adjustment costs while strengthening customer
relations and service. IMACC will create not just a large organization, but also one that will provide excellence to its customers. IMACC will provide its customers with tools, training, and technology that do not exist anywhere else in the marketplace.”

The organization is the brainchild of Dan Poske, the vice president and treasurer of IMACC, as well as the president of Dial One Magna Dry, which is located in Indianapolis.

Poske and Harmon met while serving on a forum at the 2003 Dri-Eaz Symposium. During the Q&A at the close of their session, one of the more than 350 independent mitigation specialists in the audience stated that while he was recognized as the best service in his region, his market share was shrinking under pressure from similar franchise services.

His question to Harmon – “What do you see as the future of independents such as my company in light of the changes taking place in our industry?” Harmon’s reply – “Absent a cohesive, national marketing strategy that draws on the collective strengths of the great independent services across the country, extinction.”
That comment struck a chord with Poske.

“I approached Pat with the IMACC concept because I realized that independent cleaning and mitigation companies need an advantage in order to compete in the marketplace,” said Poske. “Over the last few years several independent companies have been forced to become franchises since they have had difficulty reaching insurers on a national level. This is despite the fact that local companies often provide superior service and more favorable pricing than national firms.”

IMACC carefully selects its members based on stringent qualifications that include IICRC, ASCR, and Vortex certifications, excellent references, proper equipment, sound financial performance, and a commitment to constant improvement, both technically and in service to property owners and their insurers.

With more than 24 scheduled training programs in 2004, IMACC will provide its network members and client insurers coordinated and efficient response strategies and the supporting skill sets to optimize indemnity and adjustment expense.

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