ISO A-PLUS Delivers Vehicle-Registration Reports to Auto Insurers

February 27, 2004

Auto insurers are now able to receive accurate, comprehensive Vehicle-Registration Reports on their policyholders from Insurance Services Office, Inc.’s (ISO) A-PLUS – unit, making it easy to assess auto risks before underwriting them.

The user-friendly A-PLUS system instantaneously retrieves reports when search criteria, such as vehicle identification number (VIN), policyholder’s last name and address, or license plate number, are keyed in.

The new A-PLUS service is available in all but eight states (Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Virginia). A-PLUS will expand its vehicle-registration service when information is available from these states.

Search results may vary by state, depending on the criteria used and the state in which the vehicle is registered. Most users however will receive the following information from A-PLUS:

* Vehicle’s year, make, model, body style and VIN;
* Name and complete address of individual who registered the vehicle;
* Name of any cosigner or second owner, if applicable;
* Registration expiration date;
* Plate type, such as regular, vanity, dealer or commercial;
* Name of leasing company, if applicable;
* Whether the vehicle’s title is “branded,” indicating an unusual condition in its history, whether junked, salvaged, flood damaged or the like.

Vehicle-Registration Reports are delivered via ISO Passport — ISO’s enterprise-based delivery system that supports Internet access, mainframe-to-mainframe interactive capability and batch processing. The advanced search technology underlying ISO Passport allows fast, efficient retrieval of critical underwriting information – no matter where it resides.

For more information on A-PLUS Vehicle-Registration Reports, contact Steven Craig by e-mail at

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