North American Liability Group to Unveil I-Exchange Program

December 9, 2003

North American Liability Group announced the launch of an integrated insurance management program, the I-Exchange Insurance program.

The initial targeted markets for this proprietary program will be the healthcare industry, major trade associations and other professional organizations. NALG’s I-Exchange Insurance program provides professional sectors with strategic long-term alternatives to commercial insurance. By using NALG’s innovative technology software and its team of professional insurance experts, I-Exchange Insurance program customers will gain access to tools and strategies to improve coverage availability, enhance claims processing and lower premium costs.

“We are excited that we developed a technology and management program that offers real solutions to those faced with challenging and complex insurance issues and needs,” said Harold Fischer, CEO of NALG. “Across this country and throughout the world, businesses and other professional organizations are in high demand of simple and seamless options to address rising healthcare costs and other insurance related issues. We are confident that our I-Exchange Insurance program will provide a great value to these sectors.”

NALG is an insurance processing company that integrates universally compatible applications and infrastructure to manage and process insurance applications, claims and settlements. The NALG proprietary I-Exchange Insurance program enables the company to offer highly competitive coverage for those in the healthcare, medical, legal, accounting and other professional sectors.

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