RealLegal Practice Manager 9.0 Adds New Tools, Integrations and Improved Security for Professionals

October 24, 2003

RealLegal, LLC, which provides litigation and practice management software for insurance companies and legal organizations, announced the upcoming release of RealLegal Practice Manager 9.0, adding new functionality to reduce duplicate data entry, collaborate with outside counsel, meet compliance standards and improve data security.

The Practice Manager 9.0 practice management system provides insurance professionals with a new desktop view; bi-directional integrations with Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus Notes® and iManage®; the Reports Designer feature; enhanced file, matter and database security; and, more than 500 new updates and enhancements.

Specifically, Practice Manager 9.0 offers:

· New Desktop View
The new Desktop View allows users to keep track of current news and events along with matters being worked on, upcoming critical dates, tasks, appointments, timekeepers and their billed hours, and practice-specific statistics from one screen. In addition, users can quick-link to a matter, task or calendar item, and embed a selected Web page or auxiliary form.

· Bi-directional Microsoft Exchange Integration
The bi-directional Microsoft Exchange integration reduces duplicate data entry. All workflow items created, edited or deleted in Practice Manager will now be replicated to Exchange 2000; and any changes made to these items in Microsoft Outlook® or the Microsoft Exchange Web Client will be automatically updated in Practice Manager. In addition, this integration supports multiple time zones and Exchange servers, and ensures delivery of messages through Microsoft’s Message Queuing (MSMQ) technology.

· Lotus Notes Integration
The bi-directional Lotus Notes integration improves productivity by allowing users to create, edit or delete appointments and tasks in Practice Manager and have them automatically appear in Lotus Notes 5 or 6. In addition, any changes made in Lotus Notes are also reflected in Practice Manager.

· iManage Integration
The bi-directional iManage integration allows users to work on documents in either Practice Manager or iManage and have their work automatically saved in both applications. Users can create, edit or delete profiles, documents and document versions, apply document security and view document history in both Practice Manager and iManage. The iManage integration supports a multiple iManage WorkSite implementation, while maintaining document profile data in a centralized location.

· Reports Designer

Practice Manager Reports Designer allows users to create quick reports based on any field in Practice Manager. A realtime URL link to this report can be sent to the recipient, ensuring access to the most current version and realtime data. The remote recipient is required to login, allowing the Report module to filter the report based on user security, only showing data to which they have access.

· Enhanced File, Matter and Database Security
With the integration of NTFS security services, Practice Manager takes security down to the file-level and helps insurance companies meet HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley security standards. Users can assign security rights to each matter, making documents and matters accessible to only authorized individuals. In addition, a new viewable security tree allows IT departments to maintain security for the entire Practice Manager system, including its associated modules and integrations, from one central location.

“This new functionality strengthens Practice Manager’s presence in the insurance litigation marketplace and enables companies to more easily collaborate with outside counsel, meet government compliance standards and streamline workflow for increased productivity,” said Bill Feid, president and CEO at RealLegal. “In addition, NTFS ensures the integrity of the organization by authorizing access to sensitive documentation and matter files; thereby solidifying the security of Practice Manager 9.0.”

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