ITC Hits the Road with ‘WOW Wheels’

August 18, 2003

Insurance Technology Consultants Inc. (ITC), which has been developing and supporting comprehensive management and point of sale systems for insurance companies and managing general agencies since 1982, introduced its latest product, “WOW Wheels”. The product utilizes Microsoft’s active server page technology allowing the system to be accessed from any computer in the world through Internet Explorer.

WOW Wheels can be utilized as a “stand alone” system that can be integrated with a client’s current system. In addition, the product fully integrates with ITC’s flagship product, the WOW, (Windows Oriented Workflow) Management System. The two systems combined will provide all the accounting and management reporting required for the modern enterprise. This includes premium accounting, direct billing, general ledger reporting, premium statistical, claims, experience reporting, and a business directory.

The product can reportedly reduce the redundant work done by agents, managing general agents or companies in selling and servicing commercial, public or private passenger automobile insurance.

WOW Wheels can be purchased outright, or it can be licensed for a monthly support fee. For more information on the product, contact Peter Whalen at (888) 799-0797, ext. 15.

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