Guidewire Chosen by CNA for Enterprise-Wide Claim Initiative

June 16, 2003

Guidewire Software, a provider of claims solutions to property and casualty insurers, announced that CNA has selected Guidewire ClaimCenter as the technology cornerstone of an enterprise-wide initiative to enhance its Claim operations. ClaimCenter will provide a foundation for the improvement of CNA claim systems used by thousands of claim adjusters worldwide.

“The collaboration of our Claim End-Game Solutions initiative and Guidewire ClaimCenter will provide us with capabilities to establish a leading industry position in claim processes as well as improve customer service,” said Dean Harring, executive vice president and chief claim officer, CNA Property & Casualty Operations.

Guidewire ClaimCenter will provide CNA’s claim professionals with an integrated claim environment for collaborating with other business functions throughout the claim process, managing claim information, identifying process improvement opportunities and sharing best practices.

ClaimCenter’s innovative features include:

* Automated, rules-driven claim segmentation and assignment;
* Continuous tracking and management of all claim handling activities;
* Real-time, multi-party collaboration among distributed claim handlers;
* Streamlined navigation to external tools such as correspondence and estimation;
* Real-time supervisory visibility into aggregate and individual
* Flexible exception flagging and handling to identify and act on
important claims;
* Extension and configuration of the data model and user interfaces using XML.

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