Information Builders’ WebFOCUS Aiding Agent-Network Performance

June 11, 2003

Information Builders, a provider in enterprise business intelligence (BI) and real-time Web reporting, announced its flagship WebFOCUS software can now optimize insurance carrier channels in five major areas: agent-performance management; cross-sell/up-sell coordination; online billing and commission management; online policy printing, inquiry and change; and training and certification.

Information Builders’ WebFOCUS-based agent-sales and service scorecard increases productivity and profitability by helping agents prioritize sales efforts and compare their performance to their peers. Carriers generate trend reports to track commissions, caseload, and overall revenue by geography, channel, and demographics.

Insurance carriers can now better facilitate cross selling and up selling because WebFOCUS users have the ability to analyze and share an unprecedented amount of customer information across business lines. Furthermore, they can perform detailed comparative rate analyses for pricing realignment and prioritize marketing efforts across the range of businesses.

Carriers can even receive real-time alerts about areas where claim numbers are already unexpectedly high or rising. They can then take action to evaluate whether a safety problem exists or eliminate duplicate reporting that may be occurring.

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