Guidewire Software Releases Guidewire ClaimCenter

April 23, 2003

Guidewire Software(TM), Inc., a provider of claims solutions for property and casualty insurers, has released Guidewire ClaimCenter, a comprehensive property and casualty insurance claims system, designed to help insurers eliminate avoidable claims costs and improve customer service.

Guidewire ClaimCenter, built using the latest proven software technology, applies flexible business rules to implement customer-specific claim handling practices, allowing insurers to tailor their claim process to their unique business requirements. This increased control and flexibility enable insurers to increase claim handling productivity and accuracy, enforce known best practices, and reduce the total cost of technology ownership. ClaimCenter is currently being implemented at both midsize and large insurance carriers to support personal and commercial lines, including workers’ compensation.

“Dozens of insurance carriers have told us that they are currently struggling with obsolete architectures, archaic user interfaces, and rigid processes,” said Ken Branson, vice president of product development, Guidewire Software. “ClaimCenter is designed and built from the ground up to meet their most stringent requirements today, while giving them the long-term flexibility they need for changing business conditions tomorrow.”

Guidewire ClaimCenter represents a generational advance over existing claims systems designed as static repositories for claim information and transaction processing. Some of ClaimCenter’s innovative features include:

* Automated, rules-driven segmentation and assignment based on any claim attributes;
* Continuous tracking and management of all activities required for a
specific claim;
* Real-time, multi-party collaboration among distributed claim handlers;
* Automated navigation to external tools such as correspondence and damage estimation;
* Real-time supervisory visibility into aggregate and individual workloads
* Flexible exception flagging and handling rules to identify and act on important claims
* Extension and configuration of the data model and user interfaces using XML.

ClaimCenter is a J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) application, written entirely in Java, and runs on the industry’s leading database, application server, and operating system platforms. All aspects of ClaimCenter can be easily configured using XML instead of custom programming, and business rules can be managed by business end users for maximum flexibility to changing needs. ClaimCenter’s extensible architecture supports company-specific data models and rules in order to meet the unique requirements of the most complex insurer.

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