AMS Notes Integration Between Prime and PS4 Plus

February 12, 2003

AMS Services, Inc. ( announced the integration between the Prime management system and PS4 Plus.

A new version of PS4 Plus (version 2.0) has been created that integrates with the most recent version (3.0) of Prime. This new two-way integration exists between the submission area (collects data for ACORD application forms) of PS4 Plus, where you collect data for ACORD application forms, and the Prime database. The first release of the software integrates four lines of business; Commercial Auto, Property, General Liability and Workers’ Comp.

With this Prime integration, PS4 Plus now integrates with all three strategic AMS management systems; AfW, Prime, and Sagitta, along with their ASP-hosted counterparts; AfW Online and Sagitta Online.

“We are pleased to be able to offer a bi-directional integration between Prime and PS4 Plus for our common customers. This will allow Prime agencies to be able to grow in the commercial marketplace while minimizing the dual entry efforts from their PS4 Plus information gathering into the Prime database,” Becky Clegg AIT, AAM, CPIW, sales manager for PS4 Plus, commented.

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