Accident Fund Co., P2P Link Expand National Presence

February 10, 2003

P2P Link, a provider in automating medical billing and reporting for workers’ compensation claims, has proven successful with one of the nation’s fastest-growing workers’ compensation writers.

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America is rolling out its nationwide expansion plan with P2P Link as a key component.

Currently active in 25 states, Accident Fund plans to be licensed in most states within the next 18 months.

When Accident Fund began its trial run with P2P Link in August 2002, “the administrative efficiencies we realized were almost immediate,” Accident Fund’s executive vice president and COO, Mark Hogle, said.

“What’s more, these efficiencies go right to the bottom line because they drastically cut down on ‘friction costs’: unnecessary administrative expenses such as processing redundant bills, chasing down missing information or resolving errors,” he said.

Hogle emphasized that P2P Link speeds and streamlines workers’ compensation claim processing and plays an important role in assuring appropriate treatment.

“Its electronic document capability gives us almost immediate access to medical reports and physicians’ SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) notes,” he added.

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