IVANS Notes General Availability of IVANS WebSEMCI with Transformation Station Integration for AMS AfW Agents

January 28, 2003

IVANS, Inc. announced the general availability of IVANS WebSEMCI(TM) with Transformation Station(TM) integration for AMS AfW agents.

Agents can now download this software from the AMS Web site to conduct business with insurance carriers.

IVANS has enabled WebSEMCI to request and receive ACORD XML transactions via IVANS Transformation Station, a managed Internet data exchange for real-time transactions, and is working with AMS to extend this integration to Sagitta and Prime agents as well. Insurance carriers already using IVANS Transformation Station can now quickly maximize that investment and extend those transactions to AMS agents.

“WebSEMCI is flexible, and how it is used will depend on the insurance carrier. The beauty is the agency only needs to download IVANS WebSEMCI software once, and they are enabled for batch or real-time transactions through Transformation Station” Anna England, Vice President, IVANS Insurance E-Commerce Solutions, remarked.

“We have a variety of implementations in production or in the process of being implemented today. A carrier can now use WebSEMCI to bridge data from an AMS AfW agency system to a carrier’s Web site – receiving the data in real-time, and taking advantage of the security, ACORD XML and the managed data exchange environment of Transformation Station,” England added.

If a carrier wants to eliminate the need for an agency to go to their Web site at all, the carrier can use WebSEMCI to provide company unique data that they want captured and edited by the agent before the transaction is sent. The carrier can then receive ACORD XML or AL3 and respond in real-time through Transformation Station, or choose to receive the transaction using traditional batch methods using IVANS Electronic Commerce Server (ECS).

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