Travelers Pursues Implementation of Web-Based Med. Billing, Reporting for Workers’ Comp Business

January 17, 2003

Travelers Property Casualty Corp. is pursuing implementation of web-based medical billing and reporting for its workers’ compensation business. This connectivity, enabled by services from P2P Link LLC, will mark another significant step in Travelers’ efforts to transform workers’ compensation claim handling through the use of technology.

Through these efforts, Travelers is applying Internet technologies to the management of workers’ compensation claims, thereby allowing the various participants in the claim process – Travelers claim adjusters and nurses, employers, injured workers and now, medical providers – to be linked electronically. The use of such technology facilitates automated and timely transactions and strives to eliminate administrative redundancies.

“Our primary goal has always been effective claims management to achieve favorable outcomes,” Brian MacLean, CEO of Claims for Travelers, said. “By improving the speed of communications with health care providers, we can reduce or eliminate administrative inefficiencies and allow the provider to focus on delivering appropriate treatment to the injured worker. That helps everyone focus on the critical objective of returning injured workers to health and back to the job as soon as medically appropriate.”

Travelers uses technology to offer initial claim reporting, an electronic claim reporting kit and an injured worker Web site (, all designed to furnish unparalleled service to employers, injured workers and providers.

Travelers has established a complete, centralized system – known as TRAVCOMP – that streamlines the movement of appropriate information, making it more accessible to all participants:

*Employers benefit from appropriate access to current, real-time claims information, providing insight into the linkages between claim costs, lost productivity and workplace safety. This insight may help employers improve employer/employee relationships and, by extension, may help reduce employee turnover.

*Injured workers have online access to information about the status of their claim; the ability to directly e-mail the claim handler from the Injured Worker Web site; online access to educational health and safety material; information about the workers’ compensation system in their state of residence; and may also have access to a modified duty job roster for their place of employment.

*Now, through services to be provided by P2P, Medical Providers will be able to gain access to this complete, centralized system that streamlines and accelerates the movement of medical bills and information, provides interactive communications capabilities with Travelers claim offices; online information regarding payment status of provider invoices; and access to return-to-work, modified duty and
treatment protocol information.

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