North Dakota Insurance Department Operating Budget Talks Take Place

January 16, 2015

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm testified this week before the Senate Appropriations Committee presenting a reduced operating expense request for the second biennium in a row.

“The Department continues to look for efficiency as it serves more agents and companies,” said Hamm. “We’ve done our best to present a budget that holds down the cost of government while still providing improvements to our services.”

The Department’s 2015-2017 operating expense request is a 12 percent reduction from the previous budget. The operating expense line of the budget is one part of the Department’s overall budget that includes salaries, benefits, IT and other pass through funds.

“While investments in Department staff and technology are extremely important, we’ve found ways to reduce other costs,” Hamm added.

The Insurance Department’s total budget request for 2015-2017, excluding pass-through grants related to firefighters, was submitted at $11,040,704 which is a hold even from the previous biennium.

With the pass-through grants related to firefighters included, the total Insurance Department budget request for 2015-2017 is $26,377,090. The Executive Budget request submitted to the North Dakota Legislature by the Governor added additional dollars for grants related to firefighters and raised the total to $28,511,574.

Source: North Dakota Insurance Department

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