Vote Bans Traffic Cameras in Cleveland

November 10, 2014

Cleveland, Ohio, has stopped employing traffic cameras to enforce speed and red light violations after voters overwhelmingly approved a measure that effectively banned their use.

Use of Red-Light Cameras in Accident Litigation

Stop light traffic camera with mounted strobe lights.More than 77 percent of voters on Tuesday approved an issue that said the city could enforce traffic camera violations only if a police officer writes the ticket. A similar measure passed in the Cleveland suburb of Maple Heights.

Opponents who placed the issue on the ballot argued the camera program was illegal because the city and not a municipal court oversees appeals.

City spokesman Dan Williams said Wednesday that it would be too expensive to place officers at camera sites. The cameras have generated more than $5 million this year for Cleveland.

People will still have to pay tickets issued prior to midnight Tuesday, November 4.

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