New Michigan Laws Put Fireworks Safety in the Spotlight

July 3, 2013

Recently, Michigan legislators made it legal to own and use a new class of fireworks in the state of Michigan including items that shoot into the air, such as Roman candles and bottle rockets.

Since this decision there has been a great deal of debate as local municipalities grapple with the issues related to these previously illegal items.

Several cities across the state have already passed local ordinances that place restrictions on the use of fireworks due to a multitude of noise complaints following the passage of the new law.

In addition to legal questions surrounding the use of fireworks, Fremont Insurance, a Michigan-exclusive property and casualty insurance carrier with headquarters in Fremont, Mich., wants to help make sure consumers are also using these high-powered explosives in a safe way to avoid injury and property damage.

“Along with this new class of fireworks comes a whole new set of dangers that consumers need to be aware of and take precautions to avoid,” said Kurt Dettmer, vice president and chief marketing officer for Fremont Insurance. “Personal injuries, such as damage to the eyes or burns to the hands are the most common issue associated with fireworks and now that devices that leave the ground are legal, consumers need to be extra cautious to avoid these kinds of injuries. Airborne devices also represent a serious fire hazard that can result in significant property damage.”

Source: Fremont Insurance

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