Ohio Man Convicted of Workers’ Comp Fraud

June 17, 2013

A Dennison, Ohio, man has been convicted of workers’ compensation fraud after he was found working while receiving workplace injury benefits. Steven Gooding pleaded guilty to the crime and was ordered to repay the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) more than $22,000.

“The conditions of receiving this type of compensation are clear, working is not permitted, and if someone is able to work, they likely do not need the benefit,” said BWC Administrator/CEO Steve Buehrer. “Our goal is to protect the State Insurance Fund and ensure dollars are not going to anyone who is committing fraud.”

BWC’s Special Investigations Department in Cambridge received an allegation from a Managed Care Organization indicating Gooding may be working a part time job while receiving temporary total disability compensation for a workplace injury.

The investigation showed Gooding worked for Natale & Dickerhoof PPL performing maintenance and administrative work during periods when he was receiving the disability compensation. Gooding failed to notify BWC or his physician of his employment.

Gooding pleaded guilty to the felony June 11 in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. He was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $22,438.67, and sentenced 180 days in jail, suspended for three years of community control.

Source: Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

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