Dangerous Spiders Infest Nebraska Man’s Apartment

July 27, 2012

An Omaha, Neb., man says he’s been moving warily around his apartment, keeping watch for dangerous spiders that have moved in.

Dylan Baumann tells Omaha television station KETV that he’s been catching brown recluse spiders in his east-central Omaha apartment for four months.

Experts say the dangerously venomous brown recluse spiders aren’t aggressive, but their bites can result in painful wounds. Fatal bites to humans are extremely rare.

Dennis Ferraro, of the Douglas County Extension Office, says the higher number of spiders and bugs in general is likely due to a relatively mild winter and higher-than-normal summer temperatures.

Baumann says he plans to move out of the apartment in September. Until then he’s taking precautions such as shaking out his clothes and shoes before putting them on.

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