Equalized Fees Might Not Settle Indiana 911 Issues

By TOM DAVIES | March 19, 2012

A state plan to stabilize funding for 911 emergency services would equalize the fees tacked onto most landline and cellphone bills.

But some county officials worry that it won’t raise as much money as the current fees and won’t make up for millions of dollars that counties have lost as people shift from landlines to cellular plans.

The plan would set the monthly fee for most phones at 90 cents. The charge for monthly cellphones plans is now 50 cents, while landline fees now average about $1.60.

The Indiana Association of Counties estimates 911 fee revenue has dropped about $20 million in five years and now cover less than half of dispatch center expenses.

The bill awaits a decision by Gov. Mitch Daniels on whether to sign it into law.

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