Ohio’s Buckeye Insurance Group Launches Marias Technology

January 14, 2011

Buckeye Insurance Group, of Piqua, Ohio, has formed Marias Technology, an information technology company.

The company’s announcement said Marias Technology provides a wide range of IT services in areas such as system and Web hosting, information technology consulting, and business process outsourcing items including document printing, assembly, and mailing. For insurance companies, Marias can provide a specialized segment of services in areas of computer system migration, process improvements, computer system testing, and insurance technology consulting.

Marias also provides business continuity and availability services for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. For years business continuity was mainly referred to as disaster recovery. The basic concept is still the same, but the need for business continuity has moved well past disasters. With most businesses operating in what is a 24/7 world and their clients expecting instant access to their services, any downtime at all is no longer acceptable. As a result, classic disaster recovery has moved on to concepts like stand-by servers, data storage, and stand-by offices.

Buckeye has revamped portions of its former corporate offices in Covington, Ohio, to facilitate the needs of Marias Technology. The building features a fully-functioning computer datacenter to fulfill the needs of Marias’ system and Web site hosting clients. For those Marias clients who desire business continuity and availability services, the building features stand-by workstations, each with a computer with Internet access, a phone, as well as access to printers, copiers, and fax machines.

The building features multiple internet connections from multiple internet providers, to allow for redundancy. The building is also equipped with battery backup and generator power for use when power may not be available.

Marias Technology is led by Buckeye Insurance Group’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Technical Operations, R. Christopher Haines, and Information Systems Manager, Jim Kessler.

The Marias name originates from a high mountain pass in the Montana Rockies. The discovery of the pass helped many people find their way over the mountain. Marias Technology’s motto is “Helping businesses over the technology mountain.”

In addition to Marias Technology, Buckeye Insurance Group operates Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Co. and Home and Farm Insurance Co.

Buckeye markets property and casualty insurance products in seven states throughout rural mid-America, specializing in farm, home, and auto insurance.

Source: Buckeye Insurance Group

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