Minnesota Pool Owner Settles for $8 Million in Case with Girl Fatally Hurt

September 5, 2008

The Minneapolis Golf Club says it has reached an $8 million settlement with the family of Abigail Taylor, the 6-year-old girl who was fatally wounded by a swimming pool drain.

Taylor died of injuries she suffered last summer when she sat on the drain of the club’s wading pool. The powerful suction ripped out part of her intestinal tract.

Club President Herb Houndt says in a statement on September 3 that the amount exceeds the limits of the club’s insurance, so the members had to vote to get a loan to pay the difference.

Houndt says the club and its members are happy to have reached the settlement for the sake of closure for both the club and Taylor’s family. He did not immediately return a call from the Associated Press.

After Abigail died in March, her family was instrumental in persuading the state Legislature to pass a new pool safety law.

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