South Dakota Drunk Driving Convictions Costly

August 26, 2008

The South Dakota Highway Patrol is placing special emphasis on catching intoxicated drivers through the coming Labor Day weekend.

About 11,700 people were ticketed for drunken or drugged driving last year in the state.

“The goal of the increased effort is to keep our roads fatality free,” said Col. Dan Mosteller, superintendent of the Highway Patrol.

“We’re telling South Dakotans that we’re going to be out in force,” he said. “We hope this will encourage people to find a sober driver. And if it doesn’t, we’ll be there to take them off the road.”

The average cost of a first-time drunken driving conviction in South Dakota is $4,000.

That includes fines, the cost of drawing blood for alcohol testing, wrecker fees, legal fees, and an average increase of $2,500 in insurance costs.

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