Ill. Couple Videotape Themselves Committing Insurance Fraud

September 20, 2006

A Union County, Ill. couple’s plan to crash a van into a tree and collect the insurance money was caught on a tape they created–unbelievable as it seems.

The plan of action was to smash Robert and Teresa Hammond’s van into a tree and then pick up the insurance check.

States Attorney Allen James explained that the the first time the van is crashed into the tree, Robert Hammond is driving the vehicle. Then the next two times, it’s driven by Paul Gaines; Margaret Dillavou’s boyfriend. James explained that the Hammonds owed Margaret Dillavou rent money. She picked up the insurance check, but then, evidently lost the tape.

Dillavou’s ex-husband, as part of a divorce settlement, received a stack of video tapes. After reviewing the tapes he realized that on one was footage of insurance fraud being committed, the states attorney said. The irate ex-husband turned the tape into police and the States Attorney had full footage of the crime.

The couple evidently were having a party and one thing lead to another. For the States Attorney everything was laid out in “black and white.”

The couples faced felony charges that carried up up five years in prison, but after they paed the insurance company the $4,300 they defrauded and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges instead.

The couples’ punishment instead is 24 months of probation, $750, as well as paying court costs and forty hours of community service.

Source: Coalition Against Consumer Fraud

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