Progressive Taking Time for Car Crashes in Cincinnati Area

November 29, 2005

More than 18,000 car crashes occur in Cincinnati annually, according to the Department of Public Safety.

If you’ve ever had a crash, you know that if you’re lucky enough to emerge from the vehicle uninjured, your troubles are far from over. An accident takes only seconds to occur, but overseeing the entire claims repair process can take days of a driver’s time making phone calls and driving to and from appointments.

With the opening of a Sharonville Service Center, The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies is offering drivers the choice of using a re-engineered accident claims repair process that reportedly takes only minutes – not days – of their time.

Traditionally, drivers are expected to manage the entire claims/repair process after an accident, including reporting the claim to the insurance company, arranging for a rental car, getting estimates on the repair work, checking with the shop to see when the work will be done, inspecting the repairs and picking up the car, and finally, returning the rental car.

With the new “concierge” level of service, the driver simply drops off the damaged car at one of Progressive’s 24 Service Centers in the U.S. and, in reportedly about 15 minutes, can leave the center in a rental car assured that a claims representative will handle the repair process from beginning to end. This is the first Service Center in the Cincinnati area.

Progressive is reportedly the first group of insurance companies to take responsibility for the entire claims repair process, even if you’re not insured with them – the time-saving service is also available to drivers who are involved in a claim with a Progressive customer.

Progressive demonstrated how its one-stop claims service works – complete with a live car crash – at its new Sharonville Service Center at 2669 E. Kemper Road. Following an accident:

* The customer calls Progressive to report their claim any time of the day or night and brings the vehicle to the specially designed Service Center.
* In about 15 minutes, the customer can be on their way in a rental car with assurance that Progressive will keep them informed of the status of their claim throughout the repair process.
* A Progressive claims representative prepares a repair estimate and contacts an auto body shop that has met strict quality requirements. Both Progressive and the shop reach agreement on the cost of the repairs; the shop then transports the vehicle back to the facility and the repair process begins.
* When the work is finished, the vehicle is transported back to the Progressive facility where a claims representative and an auto body shop representative inspect the quality of repairs.
* Once satisfied with the repair quality, Progressive calls the customer to schedule a pickup appointment. Both the customer and Progressive inspect the repairs together and the customer drives off with a written document stating that the repair facility and Progressive guarantee the repairs for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

If you’re a Progressive customer, or if you’re involved in a claim with someone who is, you have the option of selecting the convenience of one of Progressive’s Service Centers. The service is currently available at 24 sites across the country.

Progressive employs about 10,000 Ohioans, including more than 660 claims representatives working in four Ohio Service Centers and 19 Ohio claims offices. Although this concierge level of service is not yet available in all markets where Progressive operates claims offices, claims representatives there continue to personally handle each customer’s claim from start to finish.

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