Media/Professional Insurance Offers Expanded Cyber-Risk Coverage

August 17, 2005

Media/Professional Insurance of Kansas City, Mo. has released an enhanced policy form for its CyberLiability Plus (TM) coverage, which protects Web-based businesses and their content against liability.

The original policy form was introduced in 1999 as one of the first coverages for cyber-risk, which is typically exluded by traditional insurance. For the enhanced form, Media/Professional Insurance partnered with the AXIS U.S. Insurance companies, to refine and expand that coverage.

These include expanded coverage for claims resulting from unintentional and unauthorized tampering with or introduction of malicious code into data or systems; expanded coverage for the intentional wrongful conduct of “rogue” employees, and defense against allegations of criminal, fraudulent, malicious or intentionally wrongful conduct.

For more information, see for policy downloads and applications, or contact Roxanne Westfall, vice president of underwriting, at (816) 471-6118.

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