Mobile Cleaning & Restoration, JC Restoration Restore Large Wis. Loss Following Fire

June 7, 2005

Disaster Kleenup International Inc., a network of quality, independent property damage restoration contractors, announced that Mobile Cleaning & Restoration, a DKI member company located in Schofield, Wis., and JC Restoration, a DKI member company located in Bensenville, Ill., worked together recently to restore several buildings in downtown Marshfield, Wis. after a major fire.

The fire that broke out on April 1, 2005 was so large that it required the fire department to use approximately 1 million gallons of water. Mobile was called immediately to begin assessing the damage and power was restored by April 4.

While several buildings were affected, none was damaged as severely as the Penny Court Building. It sustained major water and smoke damage on all four floors. The first floor contained approximately 22″ of standing water, while the other floors had both water and smoke damage.

Mobile made use of the DKI network on April 4 by calling JC Restoration from Bensenville for help with the project. On April 5, water was pumped and extracted out, demolition was started, including roof repairs, and cleaning of the businesses in Penny Court Building began. Businesses were back in business by April 11 due to the crews working around the clock.

“All the guys really worked hard to get these buildings back running,” commented Gary Colbert, project manager of Mobile. “Working together, it just proves the dedication and quality DKI members bring to a job.”

Other restoration on the Penny Court Building was still in process. Mobile and JC are also working on other buildings including the PSE Building and the High Street Salon.

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