Rightfield Solutions Unveils Program for Patient Safety; Reduction in Malpractice Suits a Key Goal

February 18, 2005

Finding ways to keep patients safer during surgical or medical procedures is the number one objective of the newest Emmi, Expectation Management and Medical Information program unveiled by Chicago-based Rightfield Solutions.

The Patient Safety Emmi will reportedly help patients become more active participants in their healthcare, and will help physicians and hospital staff keep patients safer, thus helping to reduce errors, improve patient satisfaction and reduce potential malpractice cases.

Developed by Rightfield Solutions LLC, Emmi is a patient education tool that combines clinical and legal best practices into a web-based, interactive tool for healthcare providers and their patients. The 15-minute Patient Safety Emmi is designed for any patient who is scheduled to have a medical or surgical procedure.

In a straightforward and conversational way, Emmi helps patients learn how to navigate their way through the process of having a procedure and how to maximize their time with their doctors so they receive optimal care. The message is clear: patients can help ensure their safety by becoming informed and strong advocates for their own care.

The Patient Safety Emmi incorporates a broad range of safety initiatives promoted by national leaders, including: Patients for Patient Safety (P4PS), the National Patient Safety Foundation, and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organization’s (JCAHO) “SpeakUp” campaign, an educational program developed by JCAHO and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The release of the Patient Safety Emmi also coincides with National Patient Safety Week, March 6 – 12.

“Providing healthcare information and knowing that it was really seen and understood by patients are two vastly different tasks,” said Jordan Dolin, CEO of Rightfield Solutions. “As an industry, we simply must find ways to better educate and empower patients so that they can become active participants in their own care, thereby supporting the efforts to reduce medical errors. The real power of Emmi is its ability to emotionally engage and encourage patients to better follow their physician’s instructions. This will keep patients safer, facilitate improved outcomes and ultimately help the healthcare industry reduce malpractice lawsuits.”

Information in the Patient Safety Emmi includes:

— What every patient should tell their doctor about their medical history, allergies, and the meds they take;

— What every patient should know before having a procedure;

— What are the different types of anesthesia and how it is administered;

— How to stay safe in the hospital from infections and falls;

— What they can do to help prevent medication errors;

— How to stay safe at home (e.g., keep any incisions clean and dry) and how to spot signs of problems as they recover;

— Information about the risks of any procedure; and

— Do’s and don’ts of medication safety.

All Emmi programs walk the patient through their medical condition, risks and benefits, as well as what to expect before and after the procedure. Emmi programs are developed by board-certified physicians in their respective fields.

In addition to the latest Emmi on Patient Safety, there are currently Emmi experiences covering a wide range of surgical and medical procedures including General Surgery (such as Hernia), Bariatric (Gastric By-Pass), Oral, Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, as well as Orthopedic, Cardiovascular, Obstetrics/Gynecology, and LASIK procedures.

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