Ohio Gov. Inks Bills

August 10, 2004

Ohio Gov. Bob Taft last week signed the following bills, which will be filed with the Secretary of State’s office.

Substitute House Bill 183 , sponsored by state Representative David Daniels (R-Greenfield), amends the Ohio Revised Code to register professional employer organizations for purposes of enforcing compliance with workers’ compensation laws and extends the time period wherein the Administrator of Workers’ Compensation is permitted to grant immediate allowance of specified medical conditions. Excludes from required workers’ compensation coverage an individual incorporated as a corporation. Adopts a new Ohio pressure piping law.

Substitute House Bill 420 , sponsored by state Representative Thomas Patton (R-Strongsville), modifies the Secured Transactions Law relating to notice of the location for the disposition of collateral that is given to certain persons and to reduce the amount of damages recoverable by a debtor or secondary obligor in an action against a person found in violation of the Secured Transactions Law; relative to property subject to garnishment held by a judgment debtor’s employer or another person; relative to engaging in the business of debt adjusting for debtors. Specifies contribution limits and auditing and insurance coverage duties. Requires timely disbursement of debtor funds. Provides penalties, including a criminal penalty, for a violation. Eliminates previous provisions regulating entities engaging in the business of debt pooling; and to prohibit the unauthorized use of the name or logo of a financial institution in connection with the sale or advertising of any product or service if such use is misleading or deceptive.

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