IMACC Turns Away Contractors to Protect Commitment to Excellence

July 29, 2004

In order to maintain its commitment to providing high-quality claims mitigation services, Illinois-based IMACC, the Independent Mitigation and Cleaning/Conservation network, has reportedly turned away nearly one fifth of applicants for membership in its first 90 days of operation.

“We have been unable to accept 16 percent of the contractors who have applied for membership,” IMACC President Pat Harmon commented. “This number is significant, particularly in light of the fact that most contractors who apply to IMACC are sharp businessmen. They understand what is happening in the industry and why IMACC is their best chance for success.”

IMACC has turned away contractors for varying reasons. Some have reportedly been denied membership temporarily while they continue work on their independent certifications. In other cases, IMACC determined the network already had enough contractors in certain geographic areas. IMACC has pledged not to over-populate the marketplace.

More important than those who are not in the network are reportedly the companies that are participating.

Though IMACC has only been in business for a little over three months, it now has more than 131 locations, making it the largest network of its kind in the country.

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