Ohio Gov. Notes Fraud Awareness Week

July 13, 2004

Governor Bob Taft noted to residents that Ohio is marking July 12-16 as Fraud Awareness Week.

“It is important to remember that everyone is vulnerable when it comes to fraud. Fraud is a crime that does not discriminate,” the Governor said. “During Fraud Awareness Week, Ohioans have the ability to take a closer look at fraud and ways that they can protect themselves and their employers from being victims.”

James Conrad, BWC administrator and CEO, echoed the governor’s comments.

“BWC dedicates time and resources to combating workers’ compensation fraud so that Ohioans do not have to pay the price,” Conrad said. “By tackling the problem head on, we not only ensure that premiums stay low, but that Ohio’s injured workers are getting the care that they rightly deserve.”

BWC’s special investigations department specializes in identifying and investigating workers’ comp fraud. Since its establishment in 1993, the department has reportedly saved the agency more than $820 million. In 2004, the department has saved the agency approximately $126 million, the highest amount yet recorded.

For every dollar spent on BWC’s special investigations department, more than $10 in savings is identified. The average take in a fraudulent workers’ comp case is $34,000.

“Each day, our agents make progress. They find new ways individuals try to cheat the system, and then beat them at their own game,” Conrad added. “Our message is loud and clear; workers’ compensation fraud will not be tolerated in the state of Ohio.”

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