Rightfield Introduces Med-Mal Software

April 28, 2004

Chicago-based software-maker Rightfield Solutions has introduced a product designed to correctly manage patients’ expectations about medical procedures in an attempt to reduce the frequency of medical malpractice lawsuits.

The product, known as Emmi—Expectation Management and Medical Information—was created as a risk management tool for physicians and payers and informs patients about upcoming surgical procedures through a series of interactive Internet-based patient education programs, according to a company statement.

Mismanaged patient expectations and not medical negligence are the biggest source of malpractice suits, according to Rightfield CEO Jordan Dolin.

Some physicians have seen malpractice premiums more than triple in the past few years, causing them to relocate to states with lower premiums or even to leave the profession. With the average settlement now at $600,000 per case, legal fees ranging from $500,000 to $1 million, according to Jury Verdict Research, and premiums escalating further with each claim against a provider, Rightfield hopes its product can help to avert considerable costs.

Dolin estimates the average insurer could achieve a return on investment of 34 to 1 if one malpractice lawsuit in five years were avoided and if premiums were kept stable.

Emmi was launched in 2003 and has been used by more than 8,000 patients, 300 surgeons and a leading medical malpractice insurance carrier, Rightfield said in statement. The company said additional strategic alliances with key insurers, medical associations and provider groups will be announced in 2004.

Emmi was created by a team of physicians, medical educators, ethicists, defense and plaintiff attorneys, as well as other health-care professionals. Each presentation walks patients through the entire surgical experience from pre-op to post-op, including risks, benefits and alternatives.

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