Visibillity Announces Membership in ACORD

January 15, 2003

Chicago-based Visibillity, Inc., a collaborative litigation management solution provider for the insurance industry, announced its membership in Association of Cooperative Operations, Research and Development (ACORD).

Faiz Ahmed, Visibillity’s CEO noted, “Visibillity recognizes and appreciates the leadership role that ACORD has taken in driving much needed standards in the insurance industry. We are pleased to announce our membership in ACORD as a demonstration of Visibillity’s support and continued commitment to the ACORD effort and resulting standards.

“Standards are key to the insurance industry’s objective to better facilitate integration between disparate systems and data exchange between all those involved in the multitude of insurance business processes. The claims litigation management process, addressed by the Visibillity solution, is no exception. The stakeholders in litigation management, from claims personnel to internal counsel and external law firms, all require timely access to and exchange of high volumes of data in order to work effectively and come to a satisfactory resolution for all parties.”

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