Business Moves: Verisk Analytics, AIG, AXA, SUEZ

January 24, 2017
Verisk Analytics Acquires Arium

Verisk Analytics, Inc., a data analytics provider, announced it has acquired Arium, an independent company specializing in liability risk modeling and decision support.

Arium will become part of AIR Worldwide, a Verisk Analytics business, and will enable AIR to provide its clients with additional modeling solutions and analytics for the casualty market.

AIG Partners With Berkshire Hathaway Unit on Reinsurance Agreement

American International Group, Inc. announced that it has entered into a binding term sheet for an adverse development reinsurance agreement, effective January 1, 2016, with National Indemnity Company (NICO), a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

The agreement covers 80 percent of substantially all of AIG’s U.S. Commercial long-tail exposures for accident years 2015 and prior, which includes the largest part of AIG’s U.S. casualty exposures during that period. AIG will retain sole authority to handle and resolve claims, and NICO has various access, association and consultation rights.

The consideration for this agreement is $9.8 billion payable in full by June 30, 2017, with interest at 4 percent per annum from January 1, 2016 to date of payment. The consideration paid to NICO will be placed into a collateral trust account as security for NICO’s claim payment obligations to the AIG operating subsidiaries, and Berkshire Hathaway will provide a parental guarantee to secure the obligations of NICO under the agreement.

NICO is assuming 80 percent of the net losses and net allocated loss adjustment expenses on the subject reserves in excess of the first $25 billion and NICO’s overall limit of liability under the agreement is $20 billion. This provides material protection to policyholders against adverse developments beyond current reserve levels.

AIG’s fourth quarter reserve review is being finalized and the results of this review will be included in the company’s year-end financial results. AIG currently expects a material prior year adverse development charge in the fourth quarter.

The agreement will be accounted for in the first quarter of 2017 as a retroactive reinsurance agreement. AIG will recognize a loss or a deferred gain at inception of the agreement equal to the difference between the consideration paid and the ceded reserves as of December 31, 2016. Had this agreement been entered into on January 1, 2016, AIG would have recognized a loss of approximately $2.9 billion, based on carried reserves of approximately $34 billion, net of discount at that time. This loss would be reduced by AIG’s expected reinsurance recoveries from NICO’s 80 percent share of any 2016 calendar year adverse prior year development covered by the contract. If that share exceeds $2.9 billion, then a deferred gain is established, which will be amortized into the income statement in line with expected cash reinsurance recoveries from NICO.

The closing of the transaction contemplated by this agreement is subject to receipt of any required regulatory approvals, execution of definitive transaction documentation and satisfaction of other conditions.

AXA, SUEZ Partner to Improve Resiliency and Protect Against Flood Risks

AXA and SUEZ agreed on a partnership to improve resilience of cities and territories against flood risks. By combining their competencies, the two groups will propose solutions to communities and industries to help them improve resilience, a factor of performance and attractiveness.

Through a global service offer, AXA and SUEZ will provide communities and industries with:

  • Analysis of vulnerability to any form of flooding (flash flood, marine submersion, rising groundwater level, rupture of hydraulic structures, overflowing),
  • Solutions to reduce vulnerability for locations and territories through business continuity plans, education and prevention,
  • Tools for awareness and assistance in crisis management (alert tools, material and human means, etc.).

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