UK Potholes Increase Risk of Damage to Motorhomes

July 1, 2014

Over the past few months a number of local councils have been given a substantial amount of funding in order to fix the UK’s roads, according to Comfort Insurance, motorhome insurance specialist. Potholes have become problematic in the UK as long winters and an increasing amount of traffic have led to the deterioration of roads in both cities and rural areas.

According to the insurer, potholes are particularly problematic for motorhomes because they can damage the suspension, tires and tracking.

Cambridge City Council is just one local authority that has recently embarked on a project to fix potholes, however unlike many others they have hired a hi-tech Swedish pothole filler which has been nick-named ‘The Dragon’. The device breathes fire onto tarmac in order to quickly fill large potholes, thus speeding up the process and reducing the amount of time road workers spend exposed to live traffic.

Last year, the amount of potholes in Cambridge increased by 700 percent to 25,000, leaving the Highways Agency struggling to maintain the roads.

Source: Comfort Insurance

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