UK Motorists Warned of Accident Scams

May 12, 2014

Comfort Insurance, a motorhome insurer, warns drivers about an accident insurance scam named ‘smash for cash’.

The scam involves fraudsters deliberately causing accidents to make as much money as possible. They cause accidents by slamming on their brakes for no obvious reason which causes the driver behind to crash into the car. Money is made by making false personal injury claims such as whiplash, loss of earnings or submitting fake bills for replacement car hire, vehicle storage, repairs or recovery.

According to Aviva it is becoming one of the most common types of fraud in the UK and that motor injury fraud now accounts for 54 percent of their total detected claims fraud cost. Over half are from smash for cash claims.

‘Flash for cash’ is another more recent variation of the scam where the fraudster will flash their headlights, offering their victim a right of way – but then speed up and crash into the side of the vehicle.

Ben Cue, Comfort Insurance’s Head of Operations says, “At Comfort Insurance we have had a number of smash for cash cases which have resulted in our customer’s premiums increasing because they are almost impossible to prove. But it’s not only the cost; it’s the time, effort and stress for the victims. Therefore we really do advise that drivers do their best to be vigilant on the roads to try and protect themselves.”

Cue recommends having a camera to protect drivers from these claims and protect no claims bonuses. Camera systems in vehicles can store a continuous stream of high quality video which captures sound, the time and date, speed and factors such as impact, acceleration and braking.

“A camera can be installed to the windscreen, but another can be added to the same system to monitor the side or behind the vehicle,” said Cue.

Cue advises taking photos of any accident.

“Take photos of the damage and also photos of the people involved, as scammers will often add on more people when they are claiming for injuries,” he said.

Source: Comfort Insurance

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