Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Increases Aviation Safety

October 22, 2013

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions signed an agreement with prominent aviation flight simulation and training companies, CAE and Aviation Performance Solutions (APS). The agreement allows general aviation clients based in North America to increase aviation safety through a combination of an advanced training program and financial incentives embedded into the insurance purchase. The program will be rolled out globally in 2014.

The advanced training program, addressing loss of control in-flight, has been developed by APS, a world leader in upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT), and CAE, a leading provider of full-flight simulation training. Both companies have been collaborating to provide UPRT for business and commercial aircraft pilots.

“The partners in this innovative initiative are each recognized as experts and industry leaders in their fields, similar to Swiss Re Corporate Solutions in commercial insurance. Combining our talents and global reach, we can elevate the importance of advanced training within the aviation industry to help mitigate fatal accidents,” said Paul O’Ryan, head General Aviation Americas at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions/

Loss of control in-flight refers to incidents outside of the normal flight procedures that lead to an inability of the pilot to regain control of the aircraft. By focusing on its prevention, the new program specifically addresses one of the leading causes of passenger fatalities in general aviation.

As an incentive, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions will offer premium credits to qualifying general aviation clients, which can be used towards the price of the training courses. Both CAE and APS have discounted the courses especially for participants in this program.

“This initiative is at the leading edge of flight safety and, ultimately, passenger safety as government regulators in the United States, Canada and Europe are developing requirements to mandate this type of training program for pilots. Not only is this important for the aviation industry but it also directly reduces frequency of losses within the insurance industry,” O’Ryan said.

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Source: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, CAE, Aviation Performance Solutions (APS)

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