Indian Woman Killed in Thai Parasailing Accident

October 7, 2013

An Indian tourist celebrating her wedding anniversary was killed in a parasailing accident off Thailand’s coast, police said Thursday.

Shilpi Agarwal, 36, and her husband had hired a speedboat to parasail Wednesday near Pattaya’s beach but it failed to launch, said Col. Suwan Cheawnavinthavat, police commander in the popular seaside town.

The woman fell into the water and the driver told police he was backing up the boat to retrieve her, Suwam said. Agarwal was immediately killed by the boat’s rotating blade.

Suwan said police planned to press charges for causing death by careless action, which carries a maximum jail term of 10 years or a fine of 20,000 baht ($638).

“I wish to see tour operators be more careful,” Suwan. “It was raining a little bit and there was no wind. Any boat operators or drivers with experience should know that the parasail wouldn’t launch. Still, they took the tourists out to the sea.”

Wednesday’s accident came shortly after the Thai prime minister encouraged government agencies to help ensure safety of tourists using jet skis, speed boats and taxis.

Pattaya, located in Chonburi province, is 100 kilometers (60 miles) southeast of Bangkok and is a popular destination for both Thais and foreigners.

Police said Agarwal’s family will receive 200,000 baht ($6,383) from the boat’s insurance company in compensation.

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