Maker of 787 Transmitter Joining UK Fire Probe

By JOSHUA FREED | July 17, 2013

The maker of an emergency transmitter for Boeing’s 787 says it has joined the U.K. investigation into last week’s fire on one of the planes.

Honeywell International Inc. said in a statement Monday that it has joined the investigation. Spokesman Steve Brecken declined to confirm why authorities asked Honeywell to participate. But the disclosure follows several media reports that investigators are looking at the emergency transmitter locater, which is supplied by Honeywell.

Brecken says the transmitters have been used on many planes since 2005, and have not had any issues.

U.K. authorities investigating the fire say it took place in a part of the plane away from the 787’s large lithium-ion batteries. Those battery systems had to be redesigned after two incidents in January, including one that involved a fire.

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