Jesse Jackson Unveils International Insurance Company for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

July 12, 2013

C.E.O.s and heads of major fruit and vegetable companies from around the world will meet next week to discuss ways to provide better insurance options and financial security to their workers.

Trial attorney Willie Gary will introduce Reverend Jesse Jackson, the president and founder of The Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Jackson will speak to attendees from companies such as Dole, Welch’s, and Tropicana about the importance of workers’ access to capital and the need to create wealth for the field laborers.

For close to forty years, Reverend Jackson has been a spokesperson for the rights of field workers.

“The problem,” says Roosevelt Hendley, executive director of National Growers Holding, Inc., “is that workers are leaving the field simply because they have no future security in their current position. National Growers Holding is changing that.”

National Growers Holding, Inc. is an insurance company that allows the employers of these workers to create their own insurance provider. This would allow companies the flexibility and autonomy to protect their workers, while simultaneously addressing the escalating premiums in workers’ compensation.

The goal is a more sustainable work environment for the people who pick and harvest our fruits and vegetables. By establishing generational wealth, the workers will be encouraged to remain in their positions with the hope of a stronger retirement.

Similar meetings are planned in Los Angeles and Texas by the end of the year.

Source: National Growers Holding, Inc.

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