All in a Name: UK’s ‘Most Careless’ Business Owners Unveiled

May 3, 2012

Leo and Brenda have been labelled the UK’s ‘most careless’ business owners according to Simply Business, with research revealing the top male and female names most likely to run into trouble in the workplace.

Analysis from the UK business insurance broker, based on the claims data of almost a quarter of a million businesses, pitted Leos at the very top of the table, with 7.7 percent of owners with that name claiming on their business insurance last year – nearly five times the national average (1.6 percent). Brendas followed closely behind with 6.3 percent.

Other men’s names featuring in the top five included Giuseppe, Desmond and Perry. June, Gaynor, Naomi and Cheryl also proved among the most accident-prone women’s names.

Men emerged as the most careless business owners, comprising 80 percent of the top ten names most likely to make a claim.

At the other end of the scale, Norman took the title as the most careful name in the country – just ahead of Henry, as the least likely to make a claim out of all the UK entrepreneurs studied.

Frances topped the most careful female business owner names.

Amongst small business trades, the mobile phone retail industry made the largest number of claims with 11.8 percent of phone shops claiming in the last year, compared to an average of 1.6 percent.

Sweet shops, ice cream parlours and laundrettes also made it into the top ten most ‘careless’ trades; while masseur is statistically the ‘safest’ profession, receiving the least claims per business owner out of all the trades covered.

Source: Simply Business

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