Home Insurance Claims Increase During the Holidays

December 22, 2011

Christmas is almost here again, bringing with it all the usual parties, presents, food and drink. But according to data supplied by London-based John Lewis Specialist Home Insurance, the number of home insurance claims increases during the festive period.

From smashed TVs to stressed-out pets, it’s worth considering that the excesses of Christmas can play havoc with more than just your waistline.

Some of the most common claims at Christmas include:

  • Party damage to carpets, furniture and soft furnishings due to wine spillages.
  • Enthusiastic game-playing causing damage to TVs. For example a Wii remote control going straight through the TV.
  • House fires and damage to furniture caused by house fires.
  • Chimney fires can be caused when the chimney hasn’t been swept or used frequently.
  • Theft of Christmas presents from unattended homes or due to intercepted postal deliveries.
  • Pet fouling, scratching and damage due to unusual food consumption and being locked up and over-excited.
  • Water damage to unoccupied homes because of extreme weather conditions, like burst pipes.

Source: John Lewis Specialist Home Insurance

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