UK’s National Health Service Urges Brits to ‘Sexercise’

February 12, 2008

“No sex please, we’re British,” may no longer be an apt comment on the sexual proclivities of UK residents. The country’s National Health Service, has just published a very frank guide, urging Brits to improve their sex lives as a means of improving their overall health.

For all of the details go to: While the implications for the UK’s P/C insurers may be somewhat minimal, those adopting the NHS’ suggestions might spend more time at home (in bed) than down at their local pubs. This would decrease the number of drunk drivers, injuries as a result of fights and property damage claims.

The NHS bulletin covers ways to improve “your orgasm ability,” as well as how to “boost your bedroom antics with some new toys,” and advice on the use of condoms and contraception. “Don’t let your sex life be an anti-climax,” said the article, “follow these simple sensation tips and you might just get there.”

The overall theme, dubbed “Sexercise” by the NHS, urges Brits to “exercise your pelvic floor muscles to get your sexual anatomy in shape,” in the same way that one exercises other muscles. The procedure also increases blood flow and ultimately sexual satisfaction. “Best of all,” said the article, “you can do pelvic floor exercises anywhere, anytime – even while at your desk or waiting at traffic lights!”

While that last suggestion might actually increase the number of traffic accidents, it’s somewhat reassuring to know that a government body, dedicated to public health (i.e. “socialized medicine”) can address such a primal topic effectively and candidly.

Source: National Health Service

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