S&P Forecasts ‘Healthy Growth’ for Latin America Reinsurance

September 13, 2007

Standard & Poor’s Rating Services has issued a new report in its current series analyzing global reinsurance. The study – “Reinsurance In Latin America, Especially Brazil, Shows Growth Potential -” concludes that there are “good growth prospects” in the region, despite the “still-low penetration” of the reinsurance industry within the Latin American economy.

S&P concludes that the reinsurance business is showing signs of improvement. In Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, the perspectives for reinsurance are good. However, S&P points out “while Brazil has the largest insurance market in Latin America, it lags the other countries in the reinsurance segment.”

S&P credit analyst Daniel Araujo explained: “With gradual moves to more stable economic environments in dominant Latin American countries, we expect the development of more sophisticated insurance products within the reinsurance market. Specifically, in Brazil, the opening up of the reinsurance market should speed up growth in the insurance industry overall. Over time, it should help bring the industry further in line with other segments of the Brazilian economy that have gradually become more open.”

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Source: S&P

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