Allianz Conference Examines Energy Use & Climate Change

June 19, 2007

The Allianz Center for Technology (AZT), a 75-year old research facility of Germany’s Allianz SE, is holding a conference in Munich. The two-day event – entitled “Energy and Climate – Technical Solutions for Low CO2 Energy Production” – is attended by “scientists, policy makers and insurance representatives involved in the field of power generation and climate change,” said a bulletin on the Allianz web site (

They’re discussing “technological innovations for reducing CO2 emissions and tackling climate change while securing energy sources to drive forward the world economy’s continuing development.”

Among the most prominent speakers is Klaus Töpfer, former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program and a former German environment minister. He opened the conference with a look towards the future in an address focusing on “Energy and Climate in 2050,” an analysis on how to reduce CO2 levels by that year.

Allianz, along with its neighbor Munich Re, has long been concerned over the potential impact from global warming, which it characterizes as “today’s most pressing issue.” Its AZT unit has been studying the phenomenon for the last 10 years and is recognized for the technological research it has conducted on the effects of climate change.

This year’s conference, part of the AZT’s “Expert Days” program, has attracted increased attention from the international community with its focus on “today’s most pressing global issue, global warming,” said the bulletin. “The talks ranged from alternatives like CO2-free hydroelectric power and biomass energy to safety issues like technical risks in the power plants of tomorrow.”

“Obviously, the various issues of energy, technology, the environment, economics and politics are closely interrelated and can’t be looked at one-dimensionally,” noted AZT director Lutz Cleemann. “So we are providing a unique forum to take an interdisciplinary look at the big picture.”

Axel Theis, CEO Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty indicated that AZT with its “tradition of being at the forefront of technological change,” is well suited to examine all aspects of the global phenomenon.” The scientists at AZT “are working closely with the private sector and academic researchers, and are further supported by the engineers, underwriters and risks managers from the other areas of Allianz,” he added.

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