Europ Assistance Launches Commercial Property Assistance Product

April 17, 2007

Europ Assistance, which has considerably expanded from its French origins into international operations, has launched a new Commercial Property Assistance (CPA) product, “which,” it said, “will be made available to commercial property insurers, intermediaries and lenders. The suite of property assistance products will be available for commercial premises, to support and complement existing services to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

“Products are available either on an insured or uninsured basis and can be offered with mandatory or optional pricing. Depending on client requirements, there is also flexibility available in constructing the appropriate package.”

The bulletin notes that CPA “provides a significant opportunity for any parties who have an interest in the commercial property market to differentiate core SME products and services. It also provides a risk management tool and mitigates financial risks in the event of business interruption. Products can be tailored to specifically support clients needs as well as providing the opportunity to derive an additional revenue stream.”

Rob Upton, Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “Until now, the SME market has been underserved in this area, with little or no co-ordinated central services or insurance backed products available. Significant interest has already been generated from early discussions with existing partners and we anticipate further high levels of interest as providers seek to offer increased value propositions to their commercial customers.

“We also believe that demand will be high from end customers who are more than ever demanding a comprehensive package that includes not only financial cover, but assistance services to provide an important first response when anything does go wrong.”

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