Mint Canadian Launches BI ‘Outbreak Contingency Cover’ for Bird Flu

April 24, 2006

Mint Canadian Specialty Underwriters, the Canadian niche insurer, has announced the launch of a new and unique product, dubbed “Outbreak Contingency Cover. Mint is part of Markel’s international operations, writing specialty lines through Markel’s Lloyd’s Syndicate.

The Company said the new product “has been specifically designed to protect small Canadian business from business interruption due to a contagion such as Avian Flu.”

It notes: “Demand for business interruption cover has soared due to the recent cases of Avian Flu reported in the worldwide media. Mint Canadian Specialty’s new product provides protection for small to medium sized Canadian companies within the food service industry, medical industry and includes education and child care risks.”

Mint’s Managing Director Barrett Hubbard commented: “Current Canadian insurance products do not provide protection against the potential for loss resulting from quarantine or closure of your business premises due to contagions such as SARS and Avian Flu. Our new product gives Canadian businesses the option of cushioning the economic blow that business interruption would cause.

Mint Canadian Specialty Underwriters is committed to the delivery of new and innovative products. Identifying a gap in the market and developing a tailored, specialist cover is one of the things we do best. This initiative represents Mint Canadian Specialty Underwriters continuing commitment to providing outstanding value and service for all our clients.”

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